15 Pinocchio Cameos Hiding In Animated Movies

Disney Studios first released Pinocchio in theaters in 1940. In the 82 years since then, there have been a lot of opportunities to sneak references to this animated classic into other Disney and animated movies. We’ve found Pinocchio easter eggs hiding in all sorts of unexpected places, from Disney to Pixar and even the MCU!
Some of these cameos go by so quickly or appear so briefly in the background that they’re easy to miss. For example, did you know Pinocchio makes a brief appearance in a beloved Disney princess movie? He also shows up in another language, as a magical impression, and on a movie poster for a movie he’s not even in. This little wooden puppet is everywhere! We even found a Pinocchio appearance that the film makers didn’t include on purpose!

But it’s not just Pinocchio himself who likes to grace the screen in other properties, his trusty sidekick Jiminy Cricket has a career all his own. Both his name and his character make lots of cameos in other animated films. Something about his pure honest heart and his dapper little top hat make him timelessly charming.

Discovering all of these cameos got us excited for the all new Pinocchio coming to Disney+! Even if you haven’t watched the original in years, these cameos are sure to remind you how much you love this magical puppet and the memorable cast of characters he encounters on his way to becoming a real boy.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Puppet in Tangled
00:42 Book in Luca
01:13 Oh My Disney
01:46 Shrek’s BFF
02:16 Genie in Aladdin
02:47 Whale in Finding Nemo
03:20 “Jiminy Cricket!” in Up!
03:52 Lilo and Stitch Poster
04:23 No Strings Ultron
04:53 Saving Mr. Banks
05:28 Mini Maui
06:14 Pinocchio’s Skull
06:38 Christmas Past
07:10 Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
07:38 Teacher’s Pet Opening
08:09 Outro

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Written by: Molly Cahen
Narrated by: Curt Turner
Edited by: Lucía Canabal

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