20 Animated Characters With The Same Voice Actor

Did you know some of your favorite animated characters have been voiced by the same actor! While some of the most famous actors in the world provide a ton of on screen entertainment, it’s their talents behind the microphone that elevate their craft to a whole other level. Stars such as Stephanie Beatriz, Tom Holland and Zendaya are just a few actors who have lent their voices to multiple animated characters, some of which are extremely popular. Just because we don’t see their faces, doesn’t mean these actors should get any less credit for their amazing performances.

Voice acting isn’t easy, which is why it’s very impressive when an actor attempts the medium, and nails their part. Popular animated characters such as Mirabel from Encanto, Raya from Raya and The Last Dragon, and Bruno from Encanto have been voiced by big name actors. Some of these actors have more voice acting experience than others, but in all cases they shine in their roles and breathe life into their characters. Voice acting brings a whole new set of challenges to actors. We’ve seen Tom Holland's impressive acting range before in his live action roles, but his one weakness when voicing a character is his inability to do a convincing laugh. And some of these actors faced challenges when forced to record their lines from their homes. Working remotely is never easy.

We appreciate all the hard work these actors put into each and every one of their roles. Which actor plays your favorite animated characters? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Stephanie Beatriz
01:20 John Leguizamo
01:56 Sandra Oh
02:33 Tom Holland
03:28 Awkwafina
04:13 Alan Tudyk
04:58 Kelly Marie Tran
05:24 Jim Gaffigan
05:54 Dwayne Johnson
06:34 Bill Hader
07:02 Scarlett Johansson
07:30 Zendaya
07:55 Kristen Bell
08:27 Jenny Slate
08:49 Ben Schwartz
09:23 Tina Fey
09:44 Jamie Foxx
10:08 Brad Pitt
10:35 Jack Black
11:00 Will Smith

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