20 Encanto Animation Mistakes (& Other Disney Movies)

We’re taking a look at the most recent animated Disney movies and bringing you the animation mistakes that have been spotted in the movies. First up, the newest movie, Encanto. Did you not notice the moment where the woman with the fish bowl turned into Delores? Or how the maracas flipped sides of the basket Mirabel was holding? How about how Luisa is all over the place? Next up is Raya. The little baby Noi, in an instant gets from atop Tuk Tuk to standing on the ground just to be picked back up. A sweet moment but also totally inconsistent! Then we’ve got Luca which has a couple mistakes such as a disappearing ice cream cone and questionable water logic. And then we’re onto Moana that has completely different canvases from one shot to the next, Moana escaping the mouth of a monster with the magic of animation mistakes, and a gramma with magical hair. Coco has magical doors that really shouldn’t be magical and vanishing security guards. Frozen 2 has a bunch of little things including a disappearing reindeer, characters that were side-by-side suddenly appearing twenty feet away, a sword that can’t make up its mind, and characters on the wrong sides of each other. ONWARD is juggling plenty of continuity problems which is understandable given just how big the movie is and how many props the animators were dealing with. There’s a dad bod that just doesn’t make sense, magically appearing markers (which we have a great theory about by the way), soda - that just like Luca’s ice cream, disappears, and a brother that appears like a devil on the shoulder - or an elf on the shelf - or maybe like a spiderman. Then there’s also a little something we found in Soul that includes all of 22’s found things. Yes, there’s a lot and we didn’t even cover half, but we do have another video so watch that if you’re curious to see more!

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Sudden Transformation
00:58 The Special Unspecial
01:23 Teleportation
01:48 Superspeed
02:24 Disappearing Ice Cream
02:43 Inconsistent Water
03:19 Shapeshifting Canvas
03:42 Bad Monster
04:05 Overly Cooperative Hair
04:16 Magical Doors
04:38 Vanishing Security
05:06 Light-Footed Deer
05:33 Bounceback
06:01 Reversicles
06:30 The Other Side
06:59 Overgrown
07:25 Appearing Trick
07:55 Disappearing Soda
08:20 Devil on the Shoulder
08:50 Sleight of Hand
09:08 Outro

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Written by: Kydra Ryan
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Joaquín Rodríguez Carvalho

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