20 Hour Blender Freelance Animation Talkthrough

TWENTY Narrated HOURS [20x timelapse] of me working on the hardest model I have ever had to create and then some animation, materials creation + more.

This was for a real live freelance project completed last year for DISTIL UNION. Check them out at https://distilunion.com/ -- the product I am creating the animation of is the ModWallet.

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00:00 - Intro/Get your Popcorn
00:43 - Playthrough Starts [Modeling]
09:46 - Starting Materials + Lighting
11:55 - Threading Work
14:44 - Making a Credit Card
18:50 - Still Render Tests
21:19 - Threading + Deformation
30:31 - Money Clip Import + Remodel
33:20 - Threading Attempt Two
37:33 - Animation
39:59 - Don't watch this part Kaitlyn
41:04 - More Animation
42:38 - Stack of Money
46:52 - Cards Goin' In
54:56 - Texture Work
59:20 - Final Touches
1:05:36 - Timelapse Ends, Closing Thoughts

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