2021 Art and Animation Reel || Two Years of Animation || AMV/PMV || Procreate || Wings of Fire/OCs

OH MY GOSH!! 2021....Is over...And here is my art and animation reel of all the stuff I did during the year! Being honest, I did way more than I thought I did and I can't believe all that I did! Rather it be wings of fire (wof) or Oc stuff and rather it be PMV or AM......the point is...I did it lol--
(And did I seriously used to draw dragon ears THAT big??????)

Okay, well, 2021 was....a year lol--
I wouldn't say it was a "good" year for me, but it was a good year for my art! I got to improve and see how I improved when I put this all together, and I am seriously still in shock over it. Improvement can be hard to see until it is in an entire compilation lol--
My mental heath has dwindled a lot this year and art has become some what of my therapy (well--art and writing) most of the time and I am very happy that you guys like my animations so much and you guys have really made this year so much better for me!
It is my second year of animation and I have learned so much and still have a lot to learn, and I hope you guys will stay with me every step of the way!

These are all the animations of 2021...and there were a lot lol--
I didn't think I did that much this year, but I proved myself wrong, and it was great. I seriously had to change the song because the song I wanted to use was too short for everything--and then this gosh dang song was almost too long! So I guess I can't win lol--
There are videos in this that I hate and there are videos in this that I love (and there are more than I hate then love---but you know what---whatever--) and there are a lot that should have gotten more work out of me, so I hope to improve more in 2022 and see it all next year!!
Like last year, I have thought of so many things to say in this description, but now I cannot think of any of them...which is really disappointing, but life goes on lol--
I want to remake some things in this and I hope you guys enjoyed watching through my cringy old art (and cringy new art lol--) and I hope to improve more next year!
Also, one more thing that I want to say before I go--I will be trying to take more time with my animations so they are GREAT for you guys, so I might not upload as often anymore, so I hope that's okay!

I hope you guys have a wonderful year and I wish the best for you!!
You guys are amazing and I love y'all so much and I cannot thank you enough for all the joy you guys give me! Bye!!!!!

Song: Do or Die--Thirty Seconds to Mars: https://youtu.be/oz5jKnhGnNc
Outro song--Hidding in the Blue--Epic Ocastra Version: https://youtu.be/QmYHUc5kd4o

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Bye! Have a nice day/night!!!!
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I love y’all!!!!!
God Bless y'all!!

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This Animation but art makes the funniest Animation videos without any funny Wings of Fire Dragons! Somehow this is the NEW greatest Animation video / tiktok / short ever! Instead of any other Wings of Fire Animation in Procreate, this is an Animation video in Procreate in 2021 (almost 2022)!

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