3 Squid Game Horror Stories Animated

00:00 - Story 01: Red light Green light
We were all sitting in my living room cherishing our childhood memories when one of our friends mentioned the game red light green light. Caught in a frenzy we decided to play a game that one of our friends planned for us. Who knew horrible consequences were awaiting if anyone broke the game rule!

09:04- Self Promotion :D

09:34 - Story 02: Dalgona Candy
I can never watch this web series 'Squid game' no matter how hyped it gets! The reason is a memory that haunts me till death and will forever. I wish I could back in time and undo a few things but now nothing can bring back peace in my life.

19:29 - Story 03: Tug of War
I am a popular guy in college and I fancied a girl named Tatsumi. Everyone tried really hard to get her attention but I had no idea in order to do that, life will take me to certain extremes that will change my future forever. I can't sleep at night as that one mistake revisits me like a nightmare!
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Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
Of Dorsey Jackson Global At Compound City: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dizz371
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