5 of the Most Politically Incorrect or Plain Crazy Christmas Cartoons in History

Thomas R Reich PhD looks at government influenced or outright financed cartoons that are totally politically incorrect today. In the early 1940's these cartoons reflected the general population and business attitude to morals and morays. The marketing idea was to make America ready for a war that was sure to come, and to get it's people and it's warriors to buy war bonds.

Dr. Reich introduces these cartoons as their restorer and the keeper of the history they represent. If you are a classic animation fan, you know Tom's work, his Cartoon Crazy's series sold over 4 million copies with its 42 volumes over the years over the years. These are cartoons he restored but kept in the stuck away because they are just too out there for a commercial audience.

Today many of us are stuck indoors sheltering from the corona virus, the feeling is early similar to that of the year directly before the US entered WW2. These 5 classic cartoons are from that era and meant to entertain you today. If you are easily offended - you are warned, don't watch them! Everyone else get ready for a half hour of fun and entertaining history. Remember, these were not politically incorrect when they were shown in movie theaters upon their release! These were mainstream cartoons, shown to the general public, but some were seeded with propaganda by the US Government.
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