8 True FIELD TRIP Horror Stories Animated

Today I animated really scary true stories about field trip. I tried to gather the best stories I could find on Reddit, Internet and also Included some of the stories you sent to me. Field trips could be really dangerous for carefree school students. Mostly, they are really young kids and they can wander off from their school teachers unnoticed. There are many predators outside of school and those kids can be in a real danger when they are separated from their classmates. Kidnapping or abduction in those kind of situation is a great possibility. If you were on a field trip back when you were in high school or middle school and you had a situation like that, I bet you know how scared the teachers were and that it was a serious thing for everyone. Prepare yourself for the scariest, most horrifying 8 School Field Trip Horror Stories Animated.

enjoy this creepy, scary & true horror stories animated compilation!

(Lets Read):

(Mr. Haunted):


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0:00​ - Story 1
5:50​ - Story 2
13:08- Story 3
15:40​ - Story 4
18:41 - Story 5
21:31 - Story 6
23:23 - Story 7
27:33 - Story 8

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