A Blissful Dog Finds Himself Confined In A Prison After His Owners Leave Him For A Vacation

A Blissful Dog Finds Himself Confined In A Prison After His Owners Leave Him For A Vacation

Movie Name: Ozzy ( 2016)

When the Martins are not allowed to bring their beloved beagle Ozzy with them on vacation to Japan, they drop him off at Blue Creek, which is supposed to be a spa and resort for dogs run by Grunt, the villainous St. Bernard. Little do they know, it’s actually a prison for dogs. A month after they return home from their trip to pick him up, they’re told that Ozzy passed away as he and his friends Chester the elderly Fox terrier, Fronky the Dachshund, and Doc the Old English Sheepdog need to work together to break out and find their families again.

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