A Ninja Doll Comes To Life Just To Take Revenge On A Toy Tycoon For Killing An Innocent Boy

A Ninja Doll Comes To Life Just To Take Revenge On A Toy Tycoon For Killing An Innocent Boy

In Thailand, Danish businessman Philip Eberfrø arrives to check out his new factory. As a boy accidentally uses his scarf to create a checkered ninja doll, Eppermint brutally beats him to death. In the same moment a lightning strikes, causing the doll to be possessed by the spirit of Taiko Nakamura. As the ninja ends up on a Danish cargo ship, he is picked up by Stewart Stardust, who gives him as a birthday present to his nephew Alex . After the ninja defends Aske's friend from a bully named Glenn, Aske find out the doll is alive, and the two strike a friendship, as the Checkered Ninja promises to help Aske, in exchange for revenge against Eppermint.

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