Aadh Khawa Laash | Bhuter Cartoon | True Horror Story | Bangla Bhuter Golpo

This true ghost story (satya bhuter golpo) was sent by our subscriber Shakib. And this happened to his own uncle.
One day when Shakib's uncle was returning home, he saw a rickshaw puller in an accident on the road. As the condition of the rickshaw puller became very bad, he took him to the hospital. A day later, the rickshaw puller was pronounced dead at the hospital. Uncle out of his sense of responsibility, arranged for the body of the rickshaw puller to reach his village home. And on the way to the village with this body, various unusual things happened. Such a corpse once turned into a "half-eaten corpse".

This video (bhuter cartoon) is based on a true story. But all the characters shown in this video are fictional (animated) and have no real resemblance to reality. If in any way it matches reality, it is purely coincidental. All types of blood shown here are artificial which have no resemblance to the real. Here we have altered many parts of the truth about the story. It is created just for entertainment.

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