ABC Animal Train Phonics Song with Baby Taku & Friends - Alphabet Animals - ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes

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ABC Animal Train Song Lyrics:

Chu chu! Chu chu!
chu chu! Chu chu!

A is for Alligator.
A, A, A, Alligator.

B is for Beaver.
B, B, B, Beaver.

C is for Cat!
C, C, C, Cat.

D is for Donkey.
D, D, D, Donkey.

E is for Elephant.
E, E, E, Elephant.

F is for Frog.
F, F, F, Frog.

G is for Giraffe.
G, G, G, Giraffe!

H is for Horse.
H, H, H, Horse.

I is for Iguana.
I, I, I, Iguana.

J is for Jellyfish.
J, J, J, Jellyfish!

K is for Kangaroo.
K, K, K, Kangaroo.

L is for Lion!
L, L, L, Lion!

M is for Mouse!
M, M, M, Mouse!

N is for Numbat.
N, N, N, Numbat.

O is for Octopus!
O, O, O, Octopus!

P is for Panda.
P, P, P, Panda.

Q is for Quetzal.
Q, Q, Q, Quetzal.

R is for Raccoon.
R, R, R, Raccoon.

S is for Sheep!
S, S, S, Sheep!

T is for Turtle.
T, T, T, Turtle!

U is for Unicorn!
U, U, U, Unicorn!

V is for Viper.
V, V, V, Viper.

W is for Whale!
W, W, W, Whale!

X is for X-Ray Fish.
X, X, X, X-Ray Fish!

Y is for Yak.
Y, Y, Y, Yak.

Z is for Zebra.
Z, Z, Z, Zebra!

Chu chu! Chu chu!
chu chu! Chu chu!

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