Abominable (2019) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी

Abominable (2019) Animated Drama movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Fantasy animation-fiction movie "The Abominable” story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a girl 'Yi' who finds a yeti on the roof of her house. This Yeti is hiding here after escaping from a science lab. This creature Is running from a rich scientist Because that scientist has some evil objectives. But 'Yi' and all her friends are very good at heart, so they all intend that somehow they will leave Yeti to his real home. Not only do they have to face that wealthy businessman and his goons, but all the difficulties coming from nature are also in front of them. But they have to complete their quest to reunite the cute creature with his family. 

This film "Abdominable" is about a young woman who is living her life as an adolescent, she leads a busy life and works multiple jobs because she wants to visit all the places in the world with her father, but after his death, she promises to visit the places after she collects the money. She meets a creature called a Yeti, which Dr. Burnish was experimenting with, so he has improved Yeties in his lab, but they were somehow released from there and hiding on a rooftop in a cabin, which was Yi's tent and her separate room. He saw that creature at first, she gets scared, but then she becomes its friend and also plays the violin, Yeti glows differently. She inquires as to where it resides, and Yeti points towards the board of Mount Everest. Yi decides to rescue Yeti and return it to its family, but she soon realizes that Yeti is too small to survive on its own. She decides to deliver it to its destination. They boarded a boat, and Yi's friend Peng and cousin Jin joined them. They face many problems and eventually end up in a forest, where they become hungry and Yeti gives them berries with the help of its magic. Yeti's magic assisted them in sailing the boat.

Dr. Burnish was also trailing them to protect them, but in the end, they arrived at Mount Everest, and Yi realized she had missed all of the places she wanted to see on this journey. They've arrived at Yet's house, and all that remains is to cross the bridge. Dr. Zara serves as a stumbling block. But Yeto releases itself, and Dr Burnish agrees that this is a good yeti because it is helping the children. He prevents Zara from doing anything with it. He offers Yi to drop her at him, but she says no, we have to drop Yeti first;. They deliver Yeti to the massive Gant Yeties, and they are overjoyed to see Yeti, Yi, Peng, and Jin return home. Yi lives a normal life in order to spend more time with her friends and family. This marked the end of the film.

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