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Best Surf Day Ever 1245

Adley surprised the whole family this morning. While we were all thinking we would have a pretty normal morning, doing our same old routine, Adley set up an arts and crafts diy station at our kitchen table. The whole family, including Baby Navey is getting involved. Adley is making a cute little bunny pet for her, Niko is making a spooky skeleton, and Navey is learning for the very first time how to paint. It turns out she wants to paint Jenny more than she does any art projects.

We are all a little messy after painting, so what do we do? Not jump in the bath, but jump in the hot tub!! Niko Bear had the great idea of going swimming in our backyard. We get in the warm water of the hot tub first, till we realize that the pool is warm too. So we start swimming over there, and Adley wants to show off her new surf skills! She's been practicing a lot and it shows cause she does amazing. Niko Bear gives it a try and does great too! Our little water babies do everything they can in he pool. I love it!

Out of the water and now we are off to pirate island. We are having a little get togther for all our friends who own a Pirate island or sticker pox NFT. You know, those little collectables that we have made using the same art and style as our new Spacestation Animations cartoons. Its so fun, and one of the things i love most about doing the vlogs, or SSG, or these NFTs is we get to meet sooo many homies and amazing friends. While we are setting up, Adley comes up with a plan to take a snow sled on a skate board, on the pump track. What could go wrong?!!

The party is all set up and our friends here, its time to show them the lights! We look at the volcano and the pirate ship. We even play in the club house in the boat. We then head to the spacestation were the fun continues, we get to meet more amazing people, and have the best day ever!!

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