ADLEY gets MERMAiD POWER!! Cartoon Magic and Friendship helps Barbie find her lost dream boat

Mermaid training at Pirate Island with a little bit of CARTOON MAGIC ✨
This is an #ad for Mattel
Parents the Barbie Mermaid Power Movie is now on Netflix. The product is available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are having a Mom & Adley beach day! We got everything we need to have a fun day in the sun, before summer is over! We set up some towels and beach chairs, and we even brought my iPad so we could watch the Barbie Mermaid Power movie with our toes in the sand! While we were watching it, we heard the sound of a boat! It was Barbie and Barbie!! There was lots of waves in the water and one even knocked their boat over. So me and mom went on a rescue mission! Barbie and Barbie were OK... just a little wet. We took them to our towels to dry them off, then decided to get Barbie Brooklyn a tour since she has never been to pirate island! We showed her the dinosaurs, fairy forest, the pirate ship, and even the volcano... but then she pushed the lava button so we had to run away! When we got back to the beach their boat was GONE! We needed some help, so we used Cartoon Magic to call for our friend Pirate Dad!
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