ADLEY inside ROBLOX!! Play Adley’s new Game and deliver fun christmas presents in Twilight Day Care

our FAMILY is in Roblox…
and YOU can play with us!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is a SUPER special day, because I am IN A ROBLOX GAME!! This has been my dream for a long long long time and it is finally coming true! I have my very own event in the game "twilight daycare" and i am gonna play it with dad! First we had to get me into the iPad so I could be in the game, so me and dad did some magic to get me into twilight daycare! I thought I was going to be trapped inside the ipad, but luckily dad pulled me out when I was done decorating and setting everything up! When we started the game it let us choose what age we were gonna be.. I chose the baby because I am always a baby adley in Roblox! Dad chose to be a parent so he can be my dad in the game and my dad in real life! I love to play pretend baby, like that time I turned into a baby when I ate some of Navey's baby puffs! We talked to the Adley and Shonduras statues in the game and they told us about a GiFT GiViNG mission!! We had to go around the whole city and deliver presents to people.. and we found A TON of surprises on the way! Like PiRATE iSLAND on the beach and a SUPER COOL Adley house! The Adley house had a bunch of fun rooms like a lava room, art studio, bounce house, dress up closet, and even a GiANT SLiDE!! It was like a MANSiON! As we delivered all of the presents we got some mystery boxes with rad prizes! We won fun stuff like a teddy bear stuffy, a vlog camera, a skateboard, and a dinosaur that you can ride on! I am SOO excited to be in a Roblox game, but it will only last for a little while so go play it now!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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