ADLEY inside ROBLOX!! Play Adley’s new Game and deliver fun christmas presents in Twilight Day Care

our FAMILY is in Roblox…
and YOU can play with us!!

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today is a SUPER special day, because I am IN A ROBLOX GAME!! This has been my dream for a long long long time and it is finally coming true! I have my very own event in the game "twilight daycare" and i am gonna play it with dad! First we had to get me into the iPad so I could be in the game, so me and dad did some magic to get me into twilight daycare! I thought I was going to be trapped inside the ipad, but luckily dad pulled me out when I was done decorating and setting everything up! When we started the game it let us choose what age we were gonna be.. I chose the baby because I am always a baby adley in Roblox! Dad chose to be a parent so he can be my dad in the game and my dad in real life! I love to play pretend baby, like that time I turned into a baby when I ate some of Navey's baby puffs! We talked to the Adley and Shonduras statues in the game and they told us about a GiFT GiViNG mission!! We had to go around the whole city and deliver presents to people.. and we found A TON of surprises on the way! Like PiRATE iSLAND on the beach and a SUPER COOL Adley house! The Adley house had a bunch of fun rooms like a lava room, art studio, bounce house, dress up closet, and even a GiANT SLiDE!! It was like a MANSiON! As we delivered all of the presents we got some mystery boxes with rad prizes! We won fun stuff like a teddy bear stuffy, a vlog camera, a skateboard, and a dinosaur that you can ride on! I am SOO excited to be in a Roblox game, but it will only last for a little while so go play it now!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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