Adult Animation: Why Cartoons Make Great Therapy

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From cartoon horsemen to singing tampons, adult animation has us crying, cringing, and... coping?

Adult animation in recent years has waded into increasingly dark subject matter. But what is it about watching an alcoholic horse-man self destruct that's so emotionally gutting? We'll explain in this Wisecrack Edition on Adult Animation: Why Cartoons Make Great Therapy

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00:00 - Intro
02:42 - Animation's Past
06:06 - Connecting With Cartoons
12:17 - Why Do We Care?
15:02 - Conclusion

Written by Ross McIndoe
Hosted by Michael Burns
Directed by Michael Luxemburg
Edited by Brian M Kim
Video Title Card by Amanda Murphy
Produced by Evan Yee
Production Coordination by Olivia Redden

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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