All Boss Phase Transitions Ranked - Cuphead DLC

MDHR Studio is amazing at doing HIGH quality animation on their boss phase transformations. It brings flair to the villians and can turn a boss fight on its side or totally change the formula of the combat. I had a little fun and did a personal ranking of my favorite animations in the Cuphead DLC. From Mortimer Freeze long legged skating to Chef Saltbaker smiling like we are new lore, we rank all bosses from the Delicious Last Course!

0:00-0:56 Cuphead Ranks The Intro
0:56-2:30 The Secret Boss Hold No Candle
2:30-3:21 Glumstone of Gold
3:21-4:28 The Ice King Cometh
4:28-5:29 Ants In the Plants
5:29-6:23 The Howling Ace Momm-wat?!
6:23-7:35 The Hot Dog Dilemma
7:35-8:54 Again With The Salt Pogo?
8:54-10:14 The Kings Head Games

Cuphead DLC full review:
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End Song: Celeste No More Running -


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