All Creature Fights Highlights by Horror Skunx (Rewind 2021: Huggy Wuggy, Cartoon Cat & Bendy)

All Fights Highlights of 2021 in a Horror Skunx Rewind!

Starring Cartoon Cat, Huggy Wuggy, Bendy, Cartoon Mouse, Cartoon Dog, Cartoon Rat, House Head, Bridge Worm, Mr. Hopps, Siren Head, SCP-303 (The Doorman), Shy Guy, Short Horse & Long Horse


0:00 Bendy vs Cartoon Mouse (October 2021)
0:31 House Head vs Siren Head (May 2021)
1:08 Cartoon Rat vs Cartoon Mouse (September 2021)
1:23 Mr. Hopps vs Cartoon Cat (September 2021)
1:44 Cartoon Mouse vs Long Horse (August 2021)
2:01 Short Horse vs Mr. Hopps (October 2021)
2:13 Bendy vs Cartoon Cat (May 2021)
2:27 Huggy Wuggy vs Cartoon Cat (November 2021)
2:43 Cartoon Rat vs Cartoon Cat (July 2021)
3:01 Bridge Worm vs Cartoon Dog (August 2021)
3:29 Bendy vs Huggy Wuggy (November 2021)
4:01 Cartoon Dog vs Siren Head (November 2021)
4:18 Mr. Hopps vs Bridge Worm (December 2021)
4:30 Cartoon Rat vs Siren Head (April 2021)
5:00 Siren Head vs House Head (July 2021)
5:16 Siren Head vs Hulk (January 2021)
5:34 The Ritual of Cartoon Cat (June 2021)
5:56 Cartoon Cat vs Siren Head (January 2021)
6:04 Cartoon Cat was Hiding in the Closet (March 2021)
6:16 Cartoon Cat, Cartoon Rat & Cartoon Dog got me... (April 2021)
6:37 Cartoon Dog vs Cartoon Cat (February 2021)
6:49 Siren Head vs SCP-303 (March 2021)
7:00 Hulk vs Long Horse vs Siren Head (February 2021)
7:12 SCP-303 The Doorman on Camera (January 2021)
7:23 SCP-303 vs Siren Head (February 2021)
7:32 SCP-096... face to face (January 2021)
7:53 Siren Head Turned into Hulk (February 2021)
8:06 SCP-303 vs Siren Head (February 2021)
8:21 Thank You for 2021

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