"American Dorian against HALL KING" Cartoons about tanks

In this video: American Dorian meets the King of Halloween on the battlefield. But before that, the American monster will fight against a squad of Halloween pumpkin tanks such as the KB44 and the Morty tank. Having won an unconditional victory, American Dorian will go to the world of Halloween where he will fight against the King. Who will win this uncompromising tank battle, are you wondering? If you're interested, watch this cartoon about tanks to find out who was stronger in this tank duel. In general, I think that if you like the game World of Tanks and the animation then this video will probably take your attention. Subscribe to Valhalla Toons channel in order not to miss new videos about steel monsters and of course thanks for watching! #valhalla_toons #cartoons_about_tanks #tanks #world_of_tanks_cartoon #tanks_animation #dorian
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