Android Programming - Beginners Course - Part 42 of 91 (3D Buzz) - Mobile App Development

Learn mobile app development (Android programming). This 91-part course provides a full introduction into all the basic fundamentals and core concepts of mobile app development and building Android applications. The course will focus on how to apply those concepts to build a real-world social networking application that allows users to send their friends pictures taken with the camera on their phone!

The fifth section (videos 35-48) will build upon the profile activity that you've created for your application, and also looks at putting together the activities that are responsible for displaying the contacts.

Video no. 42 is a crash course in using the Recycler View - a more modern ListView that Google recently introduced.

Enter the world of object-oriented programming as a beginner, or expand your programming knowledge with a mobile app development course taught by top-rated instructors. Apart from teaching you the fundamental programming concepts using Java, this course also covers the tools, how to write code, debug features, explore customizations, and start writing programs right away. It's one of the best courses to learn mobile app development (Android programming) with so many tips, examples, and exercises.

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