Animal Crossing New Horizons Decorating + Making things Festive

Today I am returning back to my other island Poshdon which is a city kind of map with a town of different shops. I have made the island a hybrid between city and country side as I want to show the more outskirts of the city off as well as there are some country areas in real life that I want to kind of recreate. I will be adding the missing incline I have always wanted and also making things more festive since the countdown to Christmas begins tomorrow. I will be making things as festive as possible with some Christmas items as well as re doing some of the buildings with the new 2.0 items replacing some of the simple panel buildings! Also I have an island open to everyone if they wanna get some new items to decorate with! Type !Purge in the chat for a dodo code to visit where you can get all sorts of items that are laying around for you all! This is open to anyone whether you lurk or talk code is pinned at the top of the chat and is accessible using !purge in the chat too! Feel free to chat and ask questions and hang out everyone is super nice here! I hope you enjoy the stream as always we bring the chill vibes. Also don't forget to Like and Subscribe for More!

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Artwork by Akifune:@AkifuneArt

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