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Mummy makes Max’s dinner so much more fun by acting like a dinosaur, an alligator, a monkey, and a rabbit! Listen to all the sounds the animals make and learn how to sound just like them in this food time special!

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⭐ Lyrics⭐

All the animals have come for the animal lunch
What's that sound?
Can you hear them munch?
It’s time for the animal lunch

The alligators are hungry after a nap
What’s that sound?
Snap! Snap! Snap!
Let’s eat like an alligator - Snap! Snap! Snap!

The dinosaurs have come to eat some more
What's that sound?
Roar roar roar!
Let’s eat like a dinosaur - Roar! Roar! Roar!

Now the monkeys are here, they’re hungry too
What’s that sound?
Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!
Let’s eat like a monkey - Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

Here comes rabbit with a hop and wiggle
What’s that sound?
Nibble! Nibble! Nibble!
Let’s eat like a little rabbit - Nibble! Nibble! Nibble!

All the animals came for the animal lunch
So many sounds!
Did you hear them munch?
What a fun animal lunch!
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Little Baby Bum follows the musical adventures of Mia, Twinkle the Star, and Baby Max. Everyday moments like bath time, getting dressed, or playing peekaboo become even more fun with new and classic nursery rhymes.
Little Baby Bum celebrates early childhood experiences and supports cognitive development through loveable characters, relatable stories, and the magic of song, repetition, rhythm, and rhyme.

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00:00 Animal Sounds Eating Song (New Models)
02:10 Crunch it, Munch it: Snack Time Song
04:11 Avocado Song
06:07 1,2 What Shall We Do? - Bake Some Cookies!
07:42 Yes Yes Vegetables
09:33 Dinosaur Cafe
11:37 Pat a cake
13:40 Planes, trains & automobiles feeding (New Models)
15:43 Yes Yes Vegetables (New Models)
17:42 Rainbow Breakfast Song
19:44 Peek-a-boo
21:05 Kangaroo Hop
23:05 Getting dressed song (New Models)
24:35 6 Little Ducks
26:28 Hush Little Baby
28:37 What's That Instrument?
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