animation reel - 2021 // @Amberee

what a fast year.
despite all ups and downs, maybe even art and fandomwise, this year was one of the best years i've ever experienced in my life. i'm proud of how far i came with my channel, my art style, everything, and i thank all you viewers for that. experiencing this year with me. though people have different opinions on 2021, all of them are valid, so this is mine. i wish for everything better and to go back to normal in 2022, as this year was absolutely mental.
thank you for listening.

subscribers at the beginning of the year - 700
subscribers at the end of the year - 1.08k

special thanks to my aunt for giving me cute clips of her cat! i did the other ones today :)

song is you'll understand when you're older by @Lovejoy ! i did this one NOT for the fandom, i became very indecisive for what the last copyright claim of the year would have been lmao
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