Anime Dinocore | episode 11 + 12 season 3 | Kind Dinosaur | Best Cartoons | Cartoon

Anime Dinocore | episode 11 + 12 season 3 | Kind Dinosaur | Best Cartoons | Cartoon


★ Character introduction
- Rex: Carefree / Optimistic / Outgoing
Rex likes to act on his curiosity to think through.
Too excited to suddenly become Dino Master, who can save the world, he fights Darkno with the help of his friends and DinoCores.

- John: Smart / Dedication / Loyal
John is a walking dictionary of dinosaurs. He analyzed Darkno's Dark Mech Dino to help Rex defeat them successfully.

- Emily: Sweet / Passionate / Enthusiastic
Emily has always supported Rex. She wishes to help him become a great Dino Master.

- Darkno: Cruel / Ambition / Greed
A monster that yearns for Dino Tuner and dreams of conquering the universe.

- Kaya: Mystery
Darkno's partner, who shares the same ambitions of dominating the universe.
She works as a secret archaeologist to track down Rex.

Tyranno Core: Loyal / Reliable
(Element: Fire, Skill: Attack)
The head of DinoCores. He teaches Rex how to use Dino Tuner.

- Saber Core: Reasonable / Stubborn
(Element: Electric, Skill: Speed)
Saber found it difficult to accept Rex as the new Dino Master.

- Stego Core: Tolerant / Kind
(Elemental: Earth, Skills: Hold Gravity)
He was confused between Tyranno and Saber's different attitudes towards Rex.

- Dino Buster
(D-Buster / Mega D-Buster / Ultra D-Buster)
The DinoCores can be combined with other Mech Dinos.
Robots have different skills and strengths depending on their elements.

- Mech Dino
Dark Mech Dino: Mech Dino is possessed by the Dark energy of Darkno.
Mech Dino: Dark Mech Dino must be purified back to Mech Dino.
Disk Dino: Mech Dino can be turned into disc and used in battle.

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