Archers And Animals | Casper The Friendly Ghost | Compilation | Animated Cartoons For Children

Casper stops a boy from hunting animals!

Casper and Friends | Episode 27 | Boos And Arrows/Starting From Hatch/Mice Paradise/Law And Audrey

Casper keeps an Indian boy from hunting animals/ New-born Baby Huey thinks a fox is his mother/ Herman takes a group of mice to a tropical island/ A policeman chases Audrey around for hitting him with a baseball

Casper and Friends | Episode 49 | Spree Under The Sea/Li'l Audrey Ridinghood/Bobin Hood/Ship A Hooey

Casper finds unexpected friends in the aquatic world/ Audrey catches a burglar at her Grandmother's house/ A trumpet-playing Robin Hood wins a princess' heart/ Pirate mice pick up a cat adrift at sea

Casper and Friends | Episode 4 | Spunky Skunky/Goodie The Gremlin/Land Of Lost Watches/Lonesome Giant

Casper befriends a skunk / Goodie tries to undo the other gremlins' mischief/ A fish brings two children to the aquatic cabaret /Casper helps a lonely giant find some friends

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