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❤️Hello and thank you so much for visiting our crystal gem mineral channel! Here where we live to embrace positive vibes and play some relaxing music. Hangout and hopefully find calm in our unboxing therapy. Soothe the itch for something spiritual, terrestrial and beautiful from our inventory haul or shopping haul. We also like to try and be funny with memes, challenges and trends or viral content on TikTok, YouTube and instagram. With a bit of vlogs and shorts from time to time and holiday special live sale shows. ❤️We are mainly a 3- person and turtle small business shop with a love of all things shiny and beautifully created by Mother Earth. And nerdy / geeky crystal, mineral, or gem carving of all our favorite marvel movies ( avengers, venom, spider-man, Morbius ), Tim Burton movies ( the nightmare before Christmas ) , horror movies ( nightmare on elm’s street Freddy Kruger, Friday the 13th Jason vorhees, Halloween Michael myers, scream ghostface, Disney movies ( Star Wars ) cartoons, anime ( haikyuu!!, chobits, jujutsu kaisen, Pokémon, demon slayer ), manga, Netflix shows ( squid game, Witcher ) and movies and video games ( resident evil ). Celestial Temple started December of 2019 with the intents of bringing high quality, unique, hand picked crystals to your doorsteps. We’ve slowly integrated hand made products as well including spell jars, bath salts, candles, cleaning sprays, malas, jewelry etc. Our team meets with different vendors around the world and we support smaller family owned businesses to bring to you ethically sourced and fair-trade crystals. We do our best to bring the absolute best to YOU and can’t thank you enough for trusting us! We look forward to serving you the best there is to offer, we love crystals and are super passionate and can not wait to bring even more!

Again If you’re looking for a bit of spiritual/terrestrial support please join us on Instagram for our bi weekly live sales were we also integrated hand made products such as spell jars, bath salts, candles, cleansing sprays, malas, jewelry etc.

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