Art ATTACK!!! | Robot Cartoons For Kids | ARPO | Sandaroo

Arpo wants to make a handprint picture with Daniel and shows him what to do: Daniel covers his palms with paint, but then disappears when Arpo turns around!

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0:00 Art ATTACK!!!
1:37 Eat Your GREENS!!!
3:09 Teddy Bear Trouble - Catch the SQUIRREL !!!
4:39 Spooky Cooking Night - Squirrel is Hungry for Cookies
6:19 How to Potty Train!!!
7:50 Accidents Happen!!
9:24 ANGRY Bird!!! - Decorating Easter Eggs
10:53 Hungry Baby - Fridge NIGHTMARE!!!
12:22 Pick Up Your Litter!

Arpo was designed as a commando robot, built as a fierce fighting machine. But, with world peace achieved Arpo has been re-equipped for caregiving, re-coded for cuddling, and officially reassigned as NANNY ROBOT!

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