Asta's DEATH Revealed The ANGELS & Heaven - Lucius NEW MAGIC POWER Humiliated HIM. (Black Clover)

Black Clover Manga released Black Clover Chapter 334 which reveals the a new race of ancient mana user which is The Angel Race. Lucius has started to put his plan into motion to purified the world and achieve true piece, however there is one thing that is standing between him and his goals. That being Asta and the power of anti Magic. Lucius want to get rid of everything that is not pure in this world and he considers Asta, since he was born without mana, to be an impurity that he must get rid of. Lucius shows the ability to purify devil magic essentially turning him into a Angel. During this, Lucius reveals that his True magic is Soul Magic and he can shape the essence of ones soul and purify it. With this, he reshapes the soul of Sister Lily making her into the first True Happy Human. With this new BROKEN power, Lucius One shots Asta potentially killing him in the process.

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