Asta's FATHER & NEW SAMURAI Power - Black Clover Reveals A New CONTINENT! Lucius's PLANS EXPLAINED

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Black Clover Manga released Black Clover Chapter 336 Where its reveal Asta is not dead and has instead Teleported to the Land of the Rising Sun which is Yami's Homeland. Our Community, using out Balls Deep Magic, predicted this a year ago. Most likely, Asta is going to learn the full extend of Ki and Master it as well as Yami's Swords Style and unlock new techniques. This training my also bring Asta a new understanding of his Anti-Magic Powers and Unlocked a full Anti-Magic Form with no restrictions. Lucius feared Asta as well as Yuno which is why he used dirty tricks to Separate them in order to beat them one on one. With Judgment day arriving in 7 days, Asta will have to Surpass his limits if he want to get back and save the Clover Kingdom!

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