Asta's NEW Anti-Magic Ability & SAMURAI Sword CONFIRMS He's The STRONGEST WIZARD KING (Black Clover)

Black Clover Manga revealed in Black Clover Chapter 346 that Asta is perfecting his new anti-magic power with Zetten, which makes his power level x100 stronger! We explain how he will use his New Zetten ability to save Sister Lily and The Land of the Rising Sun in front of everyone, this will give Asta yet another Wizard King moment to celebrate as they will stop hating foreigners for causing trouble in their land. We Explain Ryu may have Astaroth's other eye which is causing Lucius Zogratis time travel abilities to not be 100% accurate. The 7 Ryuzen will have to face the Paladins whilst Asta Trains His Ki for it to be mastered beyond their power level!

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