ASTA'S NEW BROKEN Power Makes Him x10 Stronger - Black Clover Revealed Yami's Sister & Mastered Ki.

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Black Clover manga released Black Clover Chapter 338 which reveals Asta's next level of Ki Mastery which he will have to learn in 7 Days, this will increase Asta's power level x10. Ichika, who is revealed to be Yami’s little sister, uses a master version of Ki and Dark Magic, which allows her to attack opponents from a distance without even touching them. Using Ki, she was able to increase her power x10 in an instant. Ichika is revealed to be one of the 7 Ryuzen, which are the 7 most powerful individuals in the Hino Country. Lucius stated Judgment day will be in 7 days from now. Asta will have to train with the 7 Ryuzen in the span of 7 days to master Ki so he can go back to the Clover kingdom and go against Lucius for their Final Battle.

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