Asta's NEW God-Like Power - Black Clover FINNALY Revealed Angel's & He is One of Them.

Black Clover Manga has revealed the final war against Lucius Zogratis. He Has revealed Angel's that were turned into them through Devil Magic, However Asta could be sent by God and is the flaw for that very reason to take out injustice from the world, thus making Asta vs Lucius battle for the ultimate wizard king position inevitable, as Asta must defy destiny to uphold God's Will.
Currently Asta is chilling in the Hino Country, adding ICHIKA to his HAREM! Ichika x Asta is now true as she has fallen in love! Whilst Yuno is fighting for his life against Lucius with his insane NEW POWERS becoming the captain of the Golden Dawn. Asta is actually continuing to train with the Seven Ryuzen and we have discovered that GODS exist within BLACK CLOVER.

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