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In this episode of the Baby Bot series Baby Bot learns all about friendship. Children can tune in and discover a story about empathy kindness and the joy that comes with friendships. Happy Playlearning™!

In this Baby Bot episode about empathy:
00:00 Lingokids Intro
00:02 Baby Bot intro
00:23 Baby Bot and Cowy have fun together
00:50 Cowy wants to paint a portrait of Baby Bot
01:02 The little bird wants to play with them
01:40 The little bird steals Baby Bot's heart
02:08 Baby Bot becomes an unkind robot
02:56 Cowy is sad
03:59 Cowy and Billy chase the little bird
04:40 Cowy plays a sad song
05:48 The little bird gets Baby Bot's heart back
06:17 All of them play together

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