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Bees are nothing to be afraid of, they’re an important part of our environment! Join Baby Bot as he learns interesting facts about bees and why we need to protect them. Our “I Know Nothing” cartoons help inspire kids’ curiosity and teach them all about the world around them!

In this Baby Bot episode about bees:
00:00 Lingokids Intro
00:04 I Know Nothing
00:15 The Bee wants to Sting Baby Bot and Cowy!
00:30 We caught the Bee!
01:08 Bees are amazing!
01:13 I Know Nothing!
01:49 Let’s turn into Bees!
02:13 We have a lot of work to do!
02:22 Let’s collect pollen and nectar!
03:00 This is the Bee Hive!
03:18 We all serve the Queen Bee!
03:38 How do bees make honey?
04:40 Baby bot Bee will save the Hive!
05:40 More songs, activities, and podcasts on our Youtube channels
05:45 The full interactive adventure in the Lingokids app

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