Baby cartoons & Learning baby videos. Full episodes cartoon for kids with Hop Hop the Owl.

Are you ready to watch baby cartoons and learning baby videos for kids? Come and watch a new full episodes cartoon for kids about Hop Hop the owl and his friend Peck Peck the woodpecker. Find all-new educational cartoons for babies and kids' cartoons about cars, toys and friendship on our kids' channel! In the first part of a new baby cartoon, we will play with an ice cream cart and sell ice cream for Peck Peck the woodpecker. In the second part of an animation video for kids, we will wash Peck Peck the woodpecker with shampoo for birds. In the third part of a new learning video compilation, we will make bubbles and have fun with Hop Hop and Peck Peck. In the last part of a new kids' cartoon, we will play with a remote control car and build a race track for the toy car using building blocks. Play and learn with baby Hop Hop!

00:01 - Hop Hop the Owl and an ice cream cart
05:37 - Shampoo for Peck Peck the woodpecker
11:08 - Hop Hop and Peck Peck make bubbles
16:43 - Hop Hop the Owl and a toy car

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