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Welcome aboard the Hokie Pokie channel for our special "Baby Shark Remix with Skeleton Shark" video! Designed with our smallest viewers in mind, this compilation of nursery rhymes, kids songs, and kids videos delivers an exciting blend of learning and fun, perfect to captivate your toddlers.

Get ready to sing-a-long with the irresistible "Baby Shark" song that your children can never resist. Dance with the adorable "Baby Shark Family" as they groove to their own lively beat. Also, be prepared for some side-splitting giggles with our collection of kids funny songs. This mix of baby shark remix, baby shark show, and baby shark doctor videos, even featuring baby shark toys, is sure to entertain. Enjoy a spook-tacular treat with our baby shark halloween song featuring the unique skeleton shark. Whether you're seeking baby shark live, baby shark loop, or even a full baby shark 1 hour of fun, we have it all, including a heartwarming trip to the baby shark hospital!

00:00 - Baby Shark Family | Skeleton Shark | Babyshark songs
01:33 - Superheroes Finger Family Song
03:39 - My Superhero Mom Song | Superhero cartoon
05:31 - Five Little Skeletons Riding On A Bus | Scary Halloween Rhymes
07:57 - Happy Birthday to You | Zombie Birthday Party
10:05 - Zombies vs Superheroes | Zombie Epidemic
12:19 - Zombie vs Buzzy Bees | Itchy Itchy, Zombie Bee
14:22 - Skeleton Finger Family | Zombie Cartoons
15:50 - Zombie Finger Family | Zombie Cartoon
17:25 - Zombie Robber vs Superhero Police
19:19 - Zombie And Magic Skeletons | Here You Are Song | Zombie Cartoon
20:53 - Zombie Baby Don't Cry
22:24 - Floor is Lava Song | The Lava Dance

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