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She's little, red, and she always looks for new ways to play! Let's watch some of the most fun Baby Truck moments at Gecko's Garage! Love Gecko's Garage and Toddler Fun Learning? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more truck videos for toddlers

00:00 Baby Truck's First Visit
02:51 Baby Truck Song
05:07 Car Wash Capers
07:30 Baby Truck Loses Her Dummy
09:36 Have You Seen The Pink Dummy?
11:11 Mummy Truck Saves the Day
13:19 Gecko Gets Sick
15:25 Soft Play Boo Boo Recycle
17:34 Baby Truck's Wobbly Tooth
19:37 Baby Truck Monster Truck Mix Up!
21:45 Magnet Madness
23:47 Dirty River Clean Up
26:48 Baby Truck is Sick
28:57 Truck Family Valentines Day
31:04 Baby Truck Trick or Treat

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