Baby Truck's Lost Teddy Adventure | Gecko's Garage | Cartoons for Kids | Moonbug Kids Playground

Max’s brakes fail at the park, inadvertently causing his sister Molly’s teddy to be lost. Gecko must ensure Max is safe before their search for the teddy can begin. Gecko’s repair plan leads to the teddy being returned after a secret adventure, with kindness the key to the mystery being solved!

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00:00 Molly's Lost Teddy Adventure
02:21 The Mystery Box
04:27 Baby Fire Truck
06:38 Baby Truck Trick or Treat
08:39 Rainbow Mechanicals Hide and Seek
10:50 Weasel Wash Gone Wrong
12:56 Flying Birthday Party Cake
15:01 Don’t Throw It… Fix Up and Fly It!
17:06 Grandma Gecko to the Rescue
19:14 Green Saves the Tree
21:18 The Big Race
23:20 Baby Truck is Sick
25:28 Gecko is Snoring
27:37 Sleepy Mechanicals
29:43 Grandma Gecko's Sports Car Chase

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