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BabyRiki. Season 1 -
BabyRiki. Season 2 -

00:00 - Fairy Tale -
04:56 - Tidy Beds -
09:19 - Wizard's Hat -
13:42 - Staying awake for Christmas -
18:05 - The Puzzle -
22:29 - Block -
26:52 - Good Night, Little Star! -
31:17 - Sleepyheads -
35:40 - An Energetic Morning -
40:03 - Magic Wand -

Each BabyRiki episode is a simple story, based on a situation familiar to small children with rhythmic and comfortable for a child narrative, interactive elements and, most importantly charming and very touching characters, which look so much alike toys came to life. BabyRiki world is a world of children’s games shown at its climax, when a game is not separable from reality. BabyRiki is a child’s fantasy, toys came to life, who live in an apartment together with a family with kids. The characters feel themselves absolutely at home, they live and sleep anywhere they want, just like kids, who can fall asleep on the floor. However, they do not meet or interact with the kids
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