BALLOON BABY DAY CARE!! Adley & Niko swim their Water Babies to UNiCORN iSLAND! Fun at Pirate Beach

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Best Balloon Day Ever 1323

What happened? Niko and Adley are both cleaning up tons of water inside our house?!! It's like we had a swimming pool inside the house again. Turns out they were playing with their baby water balloon when they popped! oh no!! After a little clean up, we all decide that inside the house maybe isn't the best place for water balloons, but pirate island is!

While we get ready and over to the lake lot, check out a few ways ago where Adley, Niko, and dad surprised some of our friends with a water balloon battle! They were skating on the pump track skate park when we started tossing balloons at them. It was so fun!!

We get to pirate island with Adley, Niko, Navey, Olive, and Koopa our pirate dogs. Navey immediately grabs a popcicle form the fridge while Adley gets the balloons ready and Niko changes into his swimsuit. Now it's time to open this Water Balloon baby day care!!

It's kinda like all our balloons ate baby puffs and magic turned them into babies! Niko makes a gigantic red waterballoon that he and I use to prank Adley by popping it near her while she helps film. Adley makes a green balloon baby that kinda looks like a bunny! and Navey just eats her popsicle and enjoys playing in the water with us! Adley plays a little bit of doctor, when she decides the end of the balloon is a little to long, so we need to operate!! We get a pair of scissors and she makes sure the balloon is calm before making the final cut!

After tons of fun and getting a little wet....ok a lot wet, we decide its time to pull out the big guns! We have some of the balloons from our Purple Carpet Party where we premiered the A for Adley movie. These things are tough! We've had these water balloon babies last for hours and even days. We fill up three and then head inside the boat house so give them some personality. the kiddos and I grab some markers and start drawing faces, hair, and hearts on our balloons! they are soo cute. Adley has the idea that we take them for an adventure on the water and go visit Unicorn island!

While i am helping Niko and Navey get their floaties on, Jenny ride up on her bike!! Yay, mom is here!! The kids show off their water balloon babies and then helps us get ready to go out to sea! Adley and Niko, along with their babies, and Koopa jump on the A for Adley mat with me and we paddle out to Unicorn island. We give our babies the tour, let them roll around on the grass, before teaching them how to skip rocks. I skip a rock almost all the way back to Jenny and Navey on the beach!! Adley learns to skip a rock three times!! I'm so proud!

We start heading back when Adley turns into a stinky fairy and tries to steal my pirate ship. We battle, splash into the water, turn the boat into a waterslide, and eventually, I capture Adley and put her in jail!!

Such a fun Best Day Ever!! So happy its getting warm enough to use pirate island again and so excited to come here lots this summer with you guys!

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