Banu Bablu ★ Full Malayalam Cartoon Movie after Kathu & Pupi

Banu and Bablu ★New Malayalam cartoon movie for children after Manjadi (Manchadi) Pupi and Kathu in full HD ★Concepts of Maths for kids is the theme ♥SUBSCRIBE US :

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1) Thanthana thanena song | 1:26
2) Shapes Story | 5:25
3) Counting story | 12:48
4) Kanakkumashine ariyille Counting rhyme | 16:45
5) Classification story | 20:29
6) Dimmada dimmada song | 26:18
7) Directions | 29:59
8) Musical | 37:34

Banu + Bablu is the latest Malayalam cartoon movie from Hibiscus. The house of superhit Malayalam cartoon serieses Manjadi (Manchadi) Pupi (poopy) and Kathu. Banu Bablu deals with the core concepts of Mathematics. Like Kathu, Banu and Bablu is also a family movie. Banu is a cute little bunny and Bablu is a bear cub. The family includes mom, dad, elder brother and sister. They live in a beautiful cave in the forest. Their plays and pranks make the stories and songs of this animation movie. We hope the malayali families will embrace them like Kathu and Pupi.

Mathematics is the biggest hurdle while teaching children. Every preschool teacher and parents find it difficult to convey the abstract concepts of logic to the kids mind. A creative and playfull approach is taken here in Banu and Bablu. The core concepts of Maths is explained in a beautiful way here.

In 2007 Hibiscus Digital Media released the first ever cartoon series in Malayalam named Manjadi (Manchadi). The anchor of the programme Twinkle is the first animated character who talk Malayalam fluently. The programme is basically a compilation of forgotten children's songs and stories. Four volume of the programme had been released so far and is well accepted by kids and critics. The songs of manjadi like Panjarakunju is still going on with 20 million views in youtube.

In 2009 the first volume of Pupi released. The programme introduced Pupi the curious puppy. Now he is the most loved companion of every kid in Kerala. The content is stories and songs based on popular science. Within a short span of time Pupi became a super hit and grabbed 9 awards for best educational programme for children.

In 2010 Kathu was released for the first time.The topic was value education. Kathu broke all the collection records of Kids entertainment and it still continues. The Kathu song 'Aru paranju myavoo' is still counting with ten million views in you tube.

Here comes Banu+Bablu in 2018 based on the core concepts of Mathematics.


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