Barbie and Ken Story in Barbie Dream House w Barbie’s New Babysitter for Baby and Barbie Sister

Barbie and Ken Story in Barbie Dream House with Barbie’s New Babysitter for Baby and Barbie Sister Chelsea

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In Barbie Dream House, Barbie is busy packing for a short adventure trip to a beach. She is so excited! Ken is taking her to a romantic place on the beach by his pink helicopter. It is going to be just her and Ken. To make it up for Barbie’s sister Chelsea, they hired a new surprise, the most famous and fun babysitter. It is Mirabel Madrigal from the Encanto family. Barbie’s Sister Chelsea is so excited at first, but soon she realizes that Mirabel is taking care of the baby and doesn’t pay attention to her. Chelsea’s feelings are hurt, so she run away from house and hide in the playground. After Mirabel change the baby Samantha, she plays with her a little in Barbie’s room. Mirabel also checks out Barbie’s closet and tries Barbie’s blue butterfly dress. Mirabel loves Barbie’s fashion. Then it is time to feed the kids. But where is Chelsea? Mirabel looks all over the house, but there is no Chelsea anywhere. Mirabel finds Chelsea on the playground and plays hide and seek with her while baby is sleeping. Chelsea and Mirabel have a great time on the playground after all.

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