Bardock CHANGED Goku & Vegeta's POWER FOREVER! The True ULTRA Form - Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84

Dragon Ball Super Manga released Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 which continues Goku and Vegeta vs Gas, Goku Ultra Instinct and Vegeta's Ultra Ego vs Gas has changed their characters forever, why? Because Goku's Father Bardock showcases the true nature and reason of Saiyan Pride, Goku and Vegeta learn about Bardock's story, which in turn gives them new resolve and power.

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0:00 - Goku & Vegeta Unlocked Their True Saiyan Power! The Battle That Will Decide the Fate of the Universe!
1:29 - Goku & Vegeta Finally Learn The Truth! What is Saiyan Pride!
7:17 - Vegeta Realizes Who He Truly is! The TRUE Prince of All Saiyan is Born! Bardocks Will gets Passed Down!
13:03 - The Battle Continues! Goku & Vegeta vs Gas! The Strongest in the Universe!
19:55 - Goku & Vegeta Master Their Ultra Forms Vs Gas


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