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Lellobee Farm is a welcoming oasis in the middle of a cosmopolitan city. Each episode features life skills told through simple, clever, fun songs, both classic and original rhymes, which explores a huge array of subjects: from the environmental “How do plants grow?” to any social, emotional, and educational developmental skills (Caring, Sharing, Nurturing, Patience, Collaboration, Teamwork, Exercise) to Hard Learning (Counting, ABC’s, Animal Sounds).

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Episode List:

00:00 Bedtime Song
02:09 Accidents Happen Boo Boo Song
04:13 Happy Place
06:11 Old Macdonald
08:09 The Penguin Dance
10:12 Bath Song
12:15 O'Little Tree
14:22 Yes Yes Vegetables Song - Healthy Habits!
16:20 Trick Or Treat
18:16 ABC Song - Learn Phonics
20:18 Shake the Apple Tree
22:20 Get Active Dance
24:19 Please and Thank You Song
26:21 Learning To Swim
28:15 Learn Colors with Twinkle on the Color Train
30:17 10 Little Speckled Eggs - Learn Numbers with Chicks and Bunnies
32:19 Baby's Got A Boo Boo
34:17 5 Little Ducks
36:17 Are We Nearly There Yet?
38:00 Bedtime Song
39:57 Riding a Bike Song - Trying Something New
41:56 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
43:52 ABC Phonics
46:12 Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Lost Lamb
48:14 Wheels On The Bus V1
50:17 Learn Rainbow Colors
52:15 Carwash Song

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