Best MOM DAY Ever!! Jenny's LOST Mother's day Vlog! Pancake Art, Presents, and playing family games



Best Mother’s Day Day Ever 1273

Today’s vlog is being started by none other than Adley and Niko! They have grabbed the vlog because it is Mother’s day and they want to do a nice and sweet surprise for Jenny. They decide that we are going to eat pancakes. They get the table all set, decorate with flowers, and get everything out for cooking. But because the kiddos are super safe, before doing any cooking they come and wake me up to help them. I come downstairs to find the kids have set everything up in reverse. Instead of cooking our food first then getting ready to eat, they are ready to eat while still needing to cook. Lol its awesome.

The kiddos take turns helping make the pancake batter, then making GIANT pancake art till we have food for the family. It’s now time to go get mom, oh but wait we need to get her presents!! Adley made some homemade crafts for Jenny and Niko Bear decide that he could give her some of his favorite toys. We head upstairs to find Jenny getting baby Navey all ready for the day. So right there, on the floor of our bed room, jenny opens up here gifts. She got a hand drawn card, a flower, a pokemon toy (same one that Niko gave me on father’s day lol), and some Harry Potter stuffies. We then head downstairs to eat breakfast as a family!! Aldey and Niko did an amazing job.

After we eat, the kiddos and i go to the front yard, where we have come up with a brand new game. The kiddos sit on a blanket while i pull them around on the grass till they all fall off or i get super tired hahaha. Aldey, Niko Bear, and Navey love it. They keep asking for more and more. After lots of laughs and tons of fun, we decide to go for a family walk around the neighborhood. Adley grabs our dog Koopa and a leash while Niko and Navey jump in our mini monster truck to drive around and do tricks in.

After we get back, Adley and Niko Bear head downstairs with me where we do answer some mother’s days questions. These guys give some hilarious and really cute answers to questions like, how old is mom, how tall is she, whats her favorite thing to do, and what mom does when the kiddos aren’t around.

What a super fun mother’s day! We love you Jenny, you are an actual superhero for raising 3 crazy kiddos and for being my best friend. We end this vlog with a real talk about Navey’s hair, cause some people have been asking in the comments.


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