Best of Trump! Brilliant cartoons from Adam Zyglis, Rick McKee and Randy Enos. All on @Caglecast!

See the BRILLIANT and BEST political cartoons about Trump from three of the greatest editorial cartoonists! Now on @Caglecast

ADAM ZYGLIS draws for the Buffalo News in New York. Adam has won the Pulitzer Prize and a ton of other prizes. Adam will have a special, solo exhibition of his work at the end of September at the Cartoon Museum in St Just le Martel, France.

RICK McKEE was the cartoonist for decades for the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia; he draws the comic "Pluggers" and we've syndicated Rick for 20 years, and Rick is one of our podcast favorites.

Randy Enos is a legendary cartoonist illustrator, in high school in the 1970s I admired Randy's strip, Chicken Guts, the lead strip for their comics section in every issue of the National Lampoon Randy has drawn for every publication -- the New York Times, Playboy, Time, Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone more than anyone can list, we had a bunch of Randy's old illustrating stories in my blog --Google them, they are great reads!

0:00 Cartoonists Discuss Their Favorite Trump Satires
1:15 Cartoonist Discusses Controversial Imagery and Editorial Boundaries
1:51 Cartoonists Discuss Trump, Biden, and Artistic Choices
4:12 Legendary Cartoonist Reflects on Career and Snub by The New Yorker
5:43 Cartoonists Discuss Trump's Portrayal and Religious Imagery
7:01 Editorial Cartoonists Reflect on Past Controversial Artwork
8:38 Cartoonists Debate Origin of Trump's Long Tie Depiction
10:36 Cartoonists Reflect on Depicting Trump Over the Years
13:42 Aligning Planets and Unclaimed Powerball Jackpots Inspire Cartoon
14:09 Digital Techniques Mimic Traditional Watercolor Artistry
14:45 Uncle Sam's Legal Barriers Against Trump's Presidency
15:15 Cartoonists Discuss Trump Imagery and Public Reactions
19:03 Cartoonists Discuss Political Satire and Trump Imagery
19:45 Cartoonists Discuss Creativity, Exhibitions, and Trump Caricatures
22:58 Content Moderation Challenges on Social Media Platforms
24:22 Cartoonists Discuss Trump-Themed Satirical Artwork
26:37 Debating the Impact of the Hush Money Trial
28:20 Cartoon Commentary on Political Conspiracy Theories
29:48 Critiquing a Gold Tennis Shoe Cartoon
30:19 Cartoonists Discuss Politics, Satire, and Public Reaction
33:24 Mistaking Dirt and Rocks for Horse Poop
33:53 Cartoonists Discuss Humor in Tiny Head Illustrations
35:08 Chance Encounters and Global Connections in Illustration
36:23 Cartoonists Reflect on Trump Imagery and Nostalgia
38:04 Dissecting the Posture and Presence of Our 45th President
38:54 The Art of Backwards Lettering in Lino Block Printing
40:08 Podcasters Discuss Illustrations and Plan Future Episodes
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