Best Trump Cartoons!

In this episode of the CagleCast, Daryl Cagle is joined by three of the most brilliant editorial cartoonists, Ed Wexler, Taylor Jones, and Rick McKee, to discuss their favorite Trump cartoons. They share their thoughts on the best Trump cartoons, the inspiration behind them and all the disturbing, vile, cartoony aspects of Trump. Remember to like and subscribe to @Caglecast!

00:00 Introduction to the podcast and explanation of the edited episode
00:01:17 Rick McKee's cartoon on being sick of Trump and Biden
00:02:00 Ed Wexler's cartoon on Trump thinking he's done more than past presidents
00:02:40 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump being chased by the Manhattan DA
00:03:15 Taylor Jones' cartoon on Trump dragging down the Republican Party
00:04:08 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump's Groundhog Day during his impeachment
00:04:41 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump's "master's voice" leading to the Capitol Riot
00:05:35 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump's disrespectful comment about John McCain
00:06:56 Rick McKee's cartoon on the delusional perception of Trump supporters
00:07:34 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump's infamous nondisclosure agreements
00:08:08 Rick McKee's cartoon on Trump using his supporters as shields
00:08:23 Comparing Trump's behavior to Mussolini
00:08:57 Explaining a cartoon reference to Lassie
00:10:08 Cartoon about Trump's indictments
00:11:01 Cartoon referencing the Know Nothing Party
00:11:55 Cartoon about Trump's relationship with Putin
00:12:51 Cartoon depicting Trump's family members
00:13:16 Cartoon about Trump's border wall
00:13:48 Cartoon about Trump and Kim Jong Un
00:14:26 Cartoon about Trump delegating to Jared Kushner
00:15:08 Cartoon about Trump's Sharpie incident after a hurricane
00:15:47 Pencil sketching and plotting out cartoon ideas
00:16:21 Trump as a parasitic bird
00:17:23 Discussion about drawing birds in cartoons
00:17:48 Liberals satirize, conservatives demonize
00:18:55 Trump movement has become a cult
00:19:21 Cartoon of Trump as a loser
00:20:26 Trump holding Uncle Sam out the window
00:21:03 Cartoon of Trump dreaming of injuring Pelosi's husband
00:21:30 Trump as Raid spraying "kills votes"
00:22:11 Cartoon of Trump too busy to sort through boxes
00:23:21 Introduction and discussion about the readership of the cartoon
00:24:04 Trump cartoon goes viral on social media
00:24:38 Discussion and explanation of a cartoon with Trump holding a sad face card
00:25:40 Discussion of the difficulty of drawing hands
00:26:11 Explanation of a cartoon with Trump dressed as a toddler
00:27:08 Discussion of a cartoon with small hands in handcuffs
00:27:42 Question about the intention behind the small hands in handcuffs
00:28:13 Discussion about the symbolism of Trump's appearance
00:28:26 Comment on the deliberate choice of Trump's red tie color and blue suit
00:28:37 Conclusion and announcement of upcoming Trump cartoon episodes

"I like to try not to offend if at all possible." - Ed Wexler
"Cartoonists like the cartoons that don't have words. They're our favorites." - Daryl Cagle
"Liberals satirize, conservatives demonize." - Taylor Jones
"Readers like to be treated intelligently." - Ed Wexler
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