Black Clover is Beyond INSANE, Asta CHANGED FOREVER - Lucius & Astaroth Controlled ALL WIZARD KINGS!

Black Clover Manga has confirmed the FINAL Saga Arc involving the battle of the strongest wizard king, everyone is waiting for Black Clover in chapter 332 since Lucius Zogratis was revealed as the final villain, he has taken over Julius Novachrono by using Astaroth the time devil to rewind time against Lucifero. Asta vs Lucifero was all a plan by Lucius to take advantage of his anti-magic, Lucius stole Lucifero's heart to make sure his grand plan is complete! We explain why Asta vs Lucius is so important for the ending of black clover because Lucius Zogratis has been time traveling destroying the world from the very start!

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