Black Clover Reveals Asta's Goodbye To Everyone, Angel Asta vs The False Prophet Lucius Explained

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Black Clover Manga released Black Clover Chapter 335 which reveals a new race of celestial beings known as the Paladins. Created using Lucius Soul Magic, Paladins are the warriors which Lucius created by purifying Devil Magic and Manifesting them onto humans to fight on behalf of the world. Sister Lily has become the first of this new race of warriors and Lucius has bestow Beelzebub's Spatial Magic to Sister Lily. With her new found powers, she is capable of stopping Noelle and Mimosa at full power without hesitation and kills Asta for good, getting rid of the only imperfection of the world. Now that the stage has been set and there is no one to oppose Lucius, he states that Judgment day will be in 7 Days and without Asta and Anti-Magic, there is no other type of magic that can oppose Lucius Godly Magical Powers!

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